Get To Know Loanpad – Initial Review + Tutorial


Loanpad is a newly launched peer to peer company offering property development loans. What makes Loanpad different is they source their loans through an experienced third-party lender. Loanpad holds the senior position on all loans, offers low loan-to-value ratios and pays daily interest which is great for people looking for income.

I was originally contacted by a Loanpad representative in early 2018 but had little knowledge of them. After further research, in August 2018 and January 2019, I visited with Loanpad’s CEO Louis Schwartz, an ex London city lawyer specialising in property and development transactions.

So far I’m impressed by Loanpad’s unique peer to peer lending product and I decided to invest.

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Thumbs Up For Loanpad
  • Two products, instant access and 60 day access*. £10 min. ISA available
  • Interest paid into your account daily
  • Your funds are automatically diversified across all loans
  • No fee’s except 0.5% for early access on 60 day access.
  • Louis’s legal background has given him extensive experience in property development lending deals
  • Loans are sourced from a conservative lender with over 40 years experience
  • Louis has been working with the lender for over 12 years
  • Loanpad takes a senior tranche position over lender on every loan
  • Lender has between 25% – 50% of own money in each loan
  • Loan-to-values are low
  • Lower risk p2p product
  • Loanpad is well funded and is expected to be profitable in a shorter time period

* Based on demand and supply under normal market conditions

Thumbs Down For Loanpad
  • New peer to peer lending company so no track record
  • Only one initial lending source until platform grows
  • Lower annual return rates
  • Cash deployed into investments once per day
  • All eggs in the property development basket
  • Currently no auto-reinvestment (to be released Q1 2019)

It’s early days but I believe Loanpad is a good offering if you want a lower risk peer to peer lending product that pays you interest daily. I’ll be writing a full preliminary review soon.

Click here to sign up for Loanpad and receive up to £150 cashback

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