Assetz Capitalvideo

Get To Know Assetz Capital – Office Tour + Interview with CEO Stuart Law

 I've been investing with Assetz Capital since June 2015 but I wanted to find out what really goes on behind their closed doors. Assetz Capital's...

Get To Know Kuflink – Office Tour + Interview with CEO Narinder Khattoare

In light of the recent collapse of Collateral, I decided I wanted to go visit the peer to peer companies I invest or am...
collateral p2p shutdown

Collateral Peer To Peer Closes Its Doors – My Thoughts

Collateral Peer To Peer Closes Its Doors ** Updated September 28th, 2018 ** You can read Collateral updates on BDO's website here. Latest Update A Creditors Committee meeting...
index trackers

Index Tracker Continues To Beat Managed Funds And Probably Always Will

Index Tracker Continues To Flourish My lovable US Equity index tracker...if you're a regular reader of my website, you'll know I love ultra low fee...
kuflink review

Kuflink Review – My Peer To Peer Lender Experiences

Kuflink Review ** Kuflink review updated October 7th, 2018** I have been studying Kuflink for a while and decided to dip an investment toe in the...

If I Were Starting Over, Would I Still Invest In Peer To Peer Lending?

As peer to peer company loan books mature and interest rates fall due to increased competition, many readers have been asking me if I still...
stock market crash

Stock Market Crash – Succeed at the Worst Times

Stock Market Crash: How the Worlds Worst Market Timer Succeeded Buying at the Worst Times Have you ever met someone who was adamant a stock market...

Lendy Review – My Lender Experiences After 2+ Years

Lendy Peer To Peer Lending Review ** Lendy review updated October 8th, 2018 ** After more than two years and a troubling amount of defaults and suspect valuations,...
ratesetter review

Ratesetter Review – My Lender Experiences After 3+ Years

Ratesetter Review (UK) ** Ratesetter review updated August 7th, 2018** ** NEWS ** Rolling Market manual rate setting will be reintroduced on September 5th, 2018. Read my...
Assetz Capital podcastvideo

Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP010 – Stuart Law / Assetz Capital

Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP0010 Guest: Stuart Law / CEO & Founder of Assetz Capital Welcome to episode 010 of the Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast. Listen...

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