Lending Works Review

Lending Works Review – My Unbiased Peer To Peer Lender Review

Lending Works Review ** Lending Works review updated November 7th, 2018 ** Lending Works offers safer peer to peer investment options via products that are protected by...
Octopus Choice

Get To Know Octopus Choice – Office Tour + Interview

Octopus Choice I've been investing through Octopus Choice since October 2016. In my quest to find the most stable peer to peer companies, Octopus Choice intrigued...
Octopus Choice Review

Octopus Choice Review – My Peer To Peer Lender Experiences

Octopus Choice Review ** Octopus Choice review updated November 2nd, 2018 ** Octopus Choice had been off my radar until a recent visit to their London...
Assetz Capitalvideo

Get To Know Assetz Capital – Office Tour + Interview with CEO Stuart Law

 I've been investing with Assetz Capital since June 2015 but I wanted to find out what really goes on behind their closed doors. Assetz Capital's...

Get To Know Kuflink – Office Tour + Interview with CEO Narinder Khattoare

In light of the recent collapse of Collateral, I decided I wanted to go visit the peer to peer companies I invest or am...
collateral p2p shutdown

Collateral Peer To Peer Closes Its Doors – My Thoughts

Collateral Peer To Peer Closes Its Doors ** Updated September 28th, 2018 ** You can read Collateral updates on BDO's website here. Latest Update A Creditors Committee meeting...
index trackers

Index Tracker Continues To Beat Managed Funds And Probably Always Will

Index Tracker Continues To Flourish My lovable US Equity index tracker...if you're a regular reader of my website, you'll know I love ultra low fee...
kuflink review

Kuflink Review – My Peer To Peer Lender Experiences

Kuflink Review ** Kuflink review updated November 2nd, 2018** Welcome to my Kuflink review. I have been studying Kuflink for a while and decided to dip...

If I Were Starting Over, Would I Still Invest In Peer To Peer Lending?

As peer to peer company loan books mature and interest rates fall due to increased competition, many readers have been asking me if I still...
stock market crash

Stock Market Crash – Succeed at the Worst Times

Stock Market Crash: How the Worlds Worst Market Timer Succeeded Buying at the Worst Times Have you ever met someone who was adamant a stock market...

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