Property Crowdvideo

Get To Know Property Crowd – Video Q&A Interview

Property Crowd Although I'm not currently invested through Property Crowd, I've always been intrigued but bond investing has never been on my radar. I really...
kuflink review

Kuflink Review – My Peer To Peer Lender Experiences

Kuflink Review ** Kuflink review updated April 5th, 2019** Welcome to my Kuflink review. I have been researching Kuflink for a while and decided to dip...
Landbay review

Landbay Review – My Lender Experiences After 3+ Years

Landbay Peer To Peer Lending Review ** Landbay review updated April 16th, 2019 ** Landbay is a peer to peer lending site developed around simplicity, safety...
Lending Works Review

Lending Works Review – My Unbiased Peer To Peer Lender Review

Lending Works Review ** Lending Works review updated April 8th 2019 ** I made my first deposit in Lending Works on July 16th, 2015 so my fourth...
Ratesetter review

Ratesetter Review – My Lender Experiences After 3+ Years

Ratesetter Review (UK) ** Ratesetter review updated April 8th 2019 ** Read my comprehensive unbiased Ratesetter review highlighting my investing experiences after 3+ years as a...

Get To Know Loanpad – Initial Review + Tutorial

 Loanpad is a newly launched peer to peer company offering property development loans. What makes Loanpad different is they source their loans through an...
The House Crowdvideo

Get To Know The House Crowd – Office Tour + Interview

 In August 2018, I hopped on the train to Hale and visited the offices of The House Crowd. I've always been interested in The House...
peer to peer mini bonds

Peer To Peer Mini Bonds – Should You Invest In Them?

Many Financial Thing readers have emailed me to ask what on earth bonds and Mini Bonds are and whether or not they should consider...
top p2p sites

Peer To Peer Lending Auto-Invest: Which Are My Top P2P Sites

Auto-Invest: Which Are My Top P2P Sites Peer to peer lending is an innovative investing option but manual investing can come at a time cost....
Growth Streetvideo

Get To Know Growth Street – Office Tour + Interview

 Growth Street I've been investing through Growth Street since October 2016. In my quest to find the most stable peer to peer companies, Growth Street intrigued...

Top 5 Peer 2 Peer Lending Sites Revealed