Get To Know Kuflink – Office Tour + Interview with CEO Narinder Khattoare


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In light of the recent collapse of Collateral, I decided I wanted to go visit the peer to peer companies I invest or am considering investing through in order to meet those in charge and see what’s going on behind the scenes. Sometimes it’s very hard to understand peer to peer businesses so I’m hoping these inside looks will help demystify exactly who we are sending our money too.

I reached out to many companies to see who was willing to host little old me and my video camera.

Kuflink graciously invited me for an office tour and a sit down with Narinder (CEO), Hari (CTO), Amy (Legal Executive) and other members of Kuflink’s team so I could learn more about their business. I accepted their invite and took the train to Gravesend to snoop around Kuflink’s offices.

After my visit, here are some of my observations:

  • Kuflink is a smaller family-owned business with a staff of 25+
  • The family has been in the property lending business for over 30 years
  • They have a great company culture and the team is passionate about their mission
  • Their due diligence requirements on property loans are high and they keep loan-to-valuations at a reasonable level, sometimes using 90 day liquidation values
  • Kuflink is very involved in their local community and contributes charitably to causes
  • Innovative company with new products in the works
  • Listens to customer feedback (I appealed to them to remove their wording on their 20% guaranteed first loss to which they were receptive)

Every company including Kuflink has its pros and cons so I recommend reading my full Kuflink review to find out more about the company.

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