My £5,500 Trading 212 Stock Portfolio Picks – Can I beat my trusty Index Trackers?

My Trading 212 stock-picking experiment. Can I beat my trusty Index Trackers?

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If you’ve been following the Trading 212 Portfolio in which I invest £5,500 of my hard-earned cash, here is the original video with the original stock picks. You can follow the latest updates on my YouTube channel.

I’m a huge fan of index trackers which I believe suit most amateur investors during relar markets, but I wanted to test out a single stock portfolio and see how it performs against my trusted Vanguard US Equity Index Tracker.

I don’t recommend anyone who has limited investing experience pick single stocks like I am doing here. This Trading 212 portfolio represents a small percentage of my total investment portfolio.

In this video you’ll see:

The source of my stock picks
The stocks I chose
1 extra stock I purchased

The current stock market is not acting normally so you will see abnormal results with my Trading 212 portfolio. The issue with investing is human emotion and mistiming. Most investors sell when stock prices are falling and buy when prices are rising. Buying index trackers allow for a buy and hold strategy through up and down markets using cost averaging (buying incrementally through the highs and lows).

I plan to run this experiment for one year and record the progress. One year isn’t a long enough time period to truly test a stock-picking strategy and I fully expect over a longer testing period that my stock picking returns will lag behind the indexes.

I chose Trading 212 as they offer commission-free trades (less FX trading costs) so I can move in and out of stocks cheaply. I’ll be changing the portfolio throughout the year and posting weekly performance updates. Hope you enjoy.

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