Keeping it Simple!


Tell me something. Do you live in the same world I do? The one where you don’t have the time to wade through complicated financial explanations? I know it all too well. Some personal financial blogs confuse me.

Truth is I’m just an average bloke who lacks patience when topics aren’t explained in a way I can understand. That’s why I created this blog for you. To explain financial things in an understandable way.

I won’t be providing you with technical analysis mumbo jumbo because I’m not a math expert. There may be questions I don’t know the answers to. Blog comment debates bore me and I’d probably lose anyway so there are no comments sections on this blog.

What I can provide you with is hope. In 2014 my finances were a mess. Like some other financial blog authors, I didn’t retire at 35, don’t have £1million in the bank and don’t make £100k per year from blog advertising. I’m just an average working man trying to plan for the future so I’m not working at Asda when I’m 70.

Today my finances aren’t perfect, but my wife and I are making big strides in our financial stability.

My plan with this blog is to provide you with simple, easy to use information about peer to peer and DIY investing (therefore saving you thousands in fees), getting and staying out of debt and creating a usable budget.

The information posted on my blog can be implemented no matter where in the world you live. The premise is the same.

I hope I can help you reach your financial goals and dreams.

– Laurence