Financial Thing Referral Links

I often receive emails asking if I’m paid by any of the companies I write about. The answer is no, I’m not paid in any way to market companies, nor do I work for any of them. I receive many weekly requests from companies asking me to push their products but I won’t. I like some peer to peer companies more than others so those are the companies I promote as I use them myself.

Everything I write is independent, based on my own views, opinions and investing experiences. I invest or have invested my own money into all the companies I write about. Sometimes I move money around so I can try new companies but most of my investments stay as is. In the future I plan to write about the companies I decide not to invest money through and let you know why. Just because I passed on these companies doesn’t mean you shouldl.

In early 2017 with my wife’s blessing, I took a GIANT leap of faith and am now working full time on the Financial Thing website. I have so many features and new articles that I’m excited to bring to you.

The world of online marketing, or internet marketing as it’s more widely known, is filled with websites advertising diet, FOREX, binary option or penny stock trading courses. Most of these courses are offered as way to generate income for the websites advertising the courses. I chose not to advertise such products as I don’t believe in them; in fact I think most of them are a scam.

I currently don’t accept advertising money (the banner ads aren’t paid either) so the only revenue the I currently receives is through account referral sign ups. When you sign up for a peer to peer company account, I receive a referral fee at no cost to you.

When you sign up for my mailing list, I send out an “Account of the Week” marketing email, hoping that you have found value in my website and that you are happy to open an account through my referral link. If you already have an account with that company, simply hit the delete button.

I will continue to remain independent and my reviews will continue to be written without bias.

Have a prosperous week!

– Laurence
Financial Thing Author