Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP011- Yann Murciano / Blend Network


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Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP011

Guest: Yann Murciano / CEO & Founder of Blend Network

Welcome to episode 011 of the Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast.

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My podcast guest is again Yann Murciano, the CEO and founder of Blend Network. Yann was a commodities trader with Morgan Stanley for 10 years before launching Blend Network, a peer to peer lending company based on secured property lending.

Yann explains how investors can benefit from investing through Blend Network as well as comments on the downfall of Lendy and how investors can select the correct investing companies. Here are some of the podcast discussion points:

  • The types of loans Blend Network offers to investors
  • How loans are sourced
  • Geographical locations of loans
  • Blend Network’s experience with valuations and checking for accuracy
  • Secondary market for exit and fees
  • How default risk is managed
  • Lendy’s collapse
  • Advice to new peer to peer lenders looking to invest in property-backed loans
  • Blend Network’s profitability
  • How digital records are kept and backed up
  • The health and future outlook of peer to peer lending

Yann and his team bring an immense amount of experience to the peer to peer lending industry and think Blend Network has a bright future.

Click here to sign up for Blend Network(Check my Blend Network Q&A for more information. When you open an account through my website, it helps me to continue to operate and offer new reviews.)

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