Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP009 Part 1 – Lendy


Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP009 Part 1

Guests: Liam Brooke (Director) & Paul Riddell (Head of Marketing and Communications) – Lendy
Category: Property Peer to Peer Lending

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Lendy is one of the most popular peer to peer companies offering property bridging and development loans where lenders can earn up to 1% per month.

I have been attempting to get Liam and Paul on the podcast for several months and was thrilled when they agreed to appear and discuss some of the challenges and triumphs the company has experienced.

Here are some of the things Liam, Paul and I chatted about over parts 1 and 2:

Property market outlook for the next 12 months
The reasoning behind the decision to change the secondary market funding process
How the secondary market can be more liquid
Lenders’ concerns over the mounting loans that are past due or defaulted
How the communication between company and lenders has improved
The single biggest challenge Lendy faces as a company
Just how risky is Lendy

And much more…

Part two to follow soon.

You can read my full Lendy review here.

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