Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP007 – Fred Bristol CEO Of Brickowner


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Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP007

Episode #: 007
Guest: Fred Bristol – CEO – Brickowner
Category: Property Crowdfunding

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Welcome to episode 007 of the Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast. This week my guest is Fred Bristol, the CEO of the crowdfunding property company Brickowner.

I do not currently invest through Brickowner but was interested in learning more so I invited Fred to be a guest on the podcast.

Here are some of the things Fred and I chatted about:

  • The most famous person named Fred
  • The challenges faced gaining customer trust being a new company
  • Tech challenges
  • How Brickowner would manage loans due to company failure
  • When will Brickowner become profitable and how will they financially survive in the meantime
  • Future property market predictions
  • Assessment of how risky investing in Brickowner is
  • Future Brickowner plans and products

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