Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP003 – Stephen Findlay / Bondmason


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Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP003

Guest: Stephen Findlay / CEO & Founder of Bondmason

Welcome to episode 003 of the Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast.

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On May 23rd, 2019, the powers that be at Bondmason decided to discontinue their peer to peer lending, choosing to no longer accept new investors and wind down their current loan book. The reasons for this decision are based on rising cost factors, economic forecasts and the ability to deliver net returns based upon equivalent risk. Looking back after Covid-19, this proved to be a timely decision.

My guest on this podcast is Stephen Findlay, the CEO and founder of Bondmason, one of the peer to peer lending I used to invest through.

I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Stephen and here are some of the things we discussed:

  • The art of telling dad jokes
  • Why was Bondmason created
  • How Stephen keeps lenders’ happy
  • The importance of Director and staff experience
  • How Bondmason is funded and whether it’s a profitable company
  • Lender interest rate projections for the next 12 months
  • The single biggest challenge Bondmason faces
  • Stephen’s assessment of how risky investing in Bondmason really is
  • How much liquid net worth Stephen thinks should you put into peer to peer lending
  • Future Bondmason plans and products

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