Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP001


Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast EP001

Guest: Yaro Writtle, London, UK

Welcome to the very first Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast, bringing you the best in peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, and DIY investing information.

My first guest is Yaro Writtle, a London based entrepreneur and avid peer to peer lender who has been lending since February 2016. I first met Yaro virtually through this website. He had some great insights into peer to peer lending so I later invited him to be the test podcast guinea pig to which he agreed.

Yaro has experience working within the business startup space and has a deep rooted interest in fin-tech alternative finance. Aside of that, he is a self proclaimed peer to peer lending addict who like me, probably needs a peer to peer lending 12 step program. He was guilty of checking his peer to peer lending accounts multiple times daily only to find a 50p account balance increase.

Join me as Yaro shares his insights on how he learned to invest in peer to peer lending and why he chose European based Twino, Saving Stream, Bondmason and Finbee to invest his hard earned pounds into, and what he thinks are the pros and cons of peer to peer lending.

Future Financial Thing Investing Essentials Podcast episodes will feature a wide variety of guests ranging from company CEO’s to regular old lender folk like myself. If you have an idea for a future podcast episode or have a particular guest you will like to hear from, please visit my contact page.

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