Live Q&A With Kuflink – Let’s Talk Risk

Kuflink Question and Answer Session With Chief Risk Office Hiran Patel
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Prior to a loan being accepted and issued through Kuflink, many aspects of the loan and its applicant are screened thoroughly by Kuflink’s Risk team, headed by Hiran Patel.

In this YouTube live show, I chat with Hiran about all the risk aspects involved in loan approval.


0:00 – Introduction
8:40 – Hiran Patel introduction
11:00 – Role at Kuflink
12:30 – Life before Kuflink
13:40 – P2p lending knowledge prior to Kuflink
15:58 – Key risk assessment principles when screening loans
19:45 – Have principals changed due to economic turmoil
22:45 – How Kuflink reduces loan risk
25:30 – How Kuflink has protected itself through economic downturns
30:40 – How the p2p lending landscape has changed
34:26 – Views on falling housing price prediction
40:17 – How Kuflink speeds up loan approval
43:27 – Views on p2p lending company failures
45:42 – Advice to investors looking for safe companies to invest through

Kuflink is a UK based peer to peer lending company that offers property developers loans backed by the properties they are buying, redeveloping or own. Investors can pledge money into Kuflink’s loans and receive an interest rate for their pledge.

Kuflink has been in the lending business since 2011 whilst its peer to peer lending arm was launched in 2016 and Kuflink lends up to 5% of its own money alongside investors (self select loans only). As of May 2023, Kuflink has lent over £250m to UK property developers with a loan book of over £100m and steadily growing.

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