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As of December 5th, 2019, Landbay will no longer offer retail peer to peer lending. New investors will no longer be accepted and existing investors will see their funds returned to their accounts.

I’ve been investing through Landbay since June 2015 and four years later, I’m still impressed. I decided to take a visit to Landbay and ask CEO John Goodhall questions submitted by Financial Thing readers. John followed the Q&A by taking me on an office tour.

Landbay has big bank institutional support after agreeing to receive £1bn  in finance funding to increase its loan book. Landbay also offers some of the lower interest returns in peer to peer lending but this is for good reason. The interest rate matches the investment risk.

Chasing high-interest peer to peer lending investments is can be very risky so balancing out your investment portfolio with lower risk investments is advisable.

Here are the reader-submitted questions John Goodhall and I discussed:

  • Where is the UK property market heading?
  • How is Landbay’s positioned to handle Brexit?
  • Is Landbay a profitable company?
  • How are lender demand and borrower supply addressed and balanced?
  • How are Landbay investors protected?
  • How does Landbay ensure property valuations are sensible and accurate?
  • How risky is investing through Landbay?
  • What are the benefits of low return rate peer to peer lending?
  • What is the biggest challenge Landbay faces?
  • How has Landbay used prior challenges to improve?
  • What is next for Landbay? (future innovations and products etc.)

I’ve always appreciated how John Goodhall and his team open their doors for me and the transparency and perspective John offers on the peer to peer lending industry.

You can read my full Landbay review here.


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