Get To Know CrowdProperty – Video Q&A With CEO Michael Bristow


Crowdproperty Q&A Session

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Many Financial Thing readers have been asking me to find out more about CrowdProperty so I sat down with CrowdProperty CEO and founder Michael Bristow and recorded a three-part question and answer session.

CrowdProperty offers investors asset-backed property development loans usually up to 18 months in length. Michael explains how CrowdProperty operates and the experience behind the company founders and Directors. In part one we cover:

Part 1:

When CrowdProperty was launched and founder experience
What investment products and loans do CrowdProperty offer
What are the return rates?
The CrowdProperty risk management Shield
Why first charges are important
What is the minimum investment amount
Is there a secondary market to exit
Interest rate spreads between lenders and borrowers
CrowdProperty’s default handling

Part 2:

How can lenders protect themselves against another Lendy?
Is CrowdProperty profitable?
Explanation of tranche funding
Solving the issue of loans filling too fast
How are loans sourced and why CrowdProperty sources loans in house

Part 3:

The challenges CrowdProperty faces
New FCA regulations on p2p lending
What differentiates CrowdProperty from other companies offering property-backed lending

I enjoyed the chat with Michael and felt he and his team are very experienced in the property lending field. I am now investing through Crowdproperty and will write a review shortly.

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