growth street review

Growth Street Review – My Lending Experiences + New Account Opening

Growth Street Review ** Growth Street review updated January 18th, 2018 ** In April 2017, I decided to take a serious look at Growth Street and...

Assetz Capital Review – My Lending Experiences After 2+ Years

Assetz Capital Review ** Assetz Capital Review updated January 13th, 2018 ** I have been investing my own money into Assetz Capital since June 2015 and am happy...
Funding Secure

Funding Secure Review – My Experiences As A Lender

Funding Secure Review ** Funding Secure review updated January 13th, 2018 ** Funding Secure started as online pawnbroking site that offered high interest rate returns for lenders willing...
ratesetter review

Ratesetter Review – My Lender Experiences After 2+ Years

Ratesetter Review (UK) ** Ratesetter review updated January 13th, 2018** Read my comprehensive unbiased Ratesetter review highlighting my investing experiences after 2+ years as a lender...
peer to peer lending defaults

My Peer To Peer Lending Defaulted Loans – How Are They Handled?

Peer To Peer Lending Defaults - How Are They Handled? Update October 14th, 2017 If you are a regular reader of my peer to peer lending...
peer to peer mini bonds

Peer To Peer Mini Bonds – Should You Invest In This High Risk Product?

Many Financial Thing readers have emailed me to ask what on earth Mini Bonds are and whether or not they should consider investing in...
moneything review

Moneything Review – My Unbiased Lender Experiences After 2+ Years

Moneything Peer To Peer Lending Review ** Moneything review updated January 13th, 2018 ** Read my comprehensive unbiased Moneything review highlighting my experiences after more than two...
lendy review

Lendy – My Lender Experiences After 2+ Years

Lendy Peer To Peer Lending Review ** Lendy review updated January 13th, 2018 ** After more than two years and despite the rising defaults, I still continue to...

Funding Circle Review – My Experiences As A Peer To Peer Lender

Funding Circle Review ** Funding Circle review updated January 7th, 2018 ** Big changes were implemented to Funding Circle's lending model on September 18th, 2017. So do I...
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