property partner review

Property Partner Review – My Investing Experiences After 18 Months

Property Partner Review ** Property Partner review updated January 11th 2017 ** Property Partner is an online crowdfunding platform that funds property deals ranging from houses to...

Landbay Review- My Lender Experiences After 15 Months

Landbay Peer To Peer Lending Review ** Landbay review updated December 22nd 2016** Landbay is a peer to peer lending site developed around simplicity, safety and...
Saving Stream

Saving Stream – My Lender Experiences After 18 Months

Saving Stream Peer To Peer Lending Review ** Saving Stream review updated January 12th 2017** After 18+ months of lending, I still recommend Saving Stream as they continue...
peer to peer lending defaults

Peer To Peer Lending Defaults – How Are They Handled?

Peer To Peer Lending Defaults - How Are They Handled? If you are a regular reader of my peer to peer lending reviews, you'll know...
ablrate review

Ablrate Review – My Lender Experiences After 18 Months

Ablrate Review - Peer To Peer Lending ** Ablrate review updated November 21st 2016 ** Read my comprehensive unbiased Ablrate review highlighting my experiences as a...

Moneything Review – My Experiences As A Lender For 18 Months

Moneything Peer To Peer Lending Review ** Moneything review updated November 18th 2016 ** Read my comprehensive unbiased Moneything review highlighting my experiences after 18 months of lending. See...

Bondmason Review – My Experiences As A Lender

Bondmason Review ** Bondmason review updated November 4th 2016 ** Read my personal experiences investing through Bondmason. While technically not peer to peer lending, Bondmason is an interesting...
collateral p2p

Collateral P2P Review – An Unbiased Lender Review

Collateral P2P Review ** Collateral p2p review updated December 13th 2016 ** Collateral is one of the newer entrants in the peer to peer lending space....
mintos review

Mintos Review – My Unbiased Lender Review

Mintos Review ** Mintos review updated December 13th 2016 ** Mintos offers a variety of loan options from guaranteed buy-back personal and business loans to mortgages. Investing in Euros...
ratesetter review

Ratesetter Review – An Updated Unbiased Lender Review

Ratesetter Review (UK) ** Ratesetter review updated January 16th 2017 ** Update: Whilst Ratesetter's rates have dropped in late 2016, I continue to remain invested and I'm...
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